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Mobile & Watch apps

We create apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android and have been in the mobile software development business for over 6 years. Our team is made up of creative developers that have a solid understanding of apps and the industry – we know what your customers want!

Since the announcement of the iWatch in 2014, we’ve been busy watching the early developments surrounding the Apple Watch (or iWatch, as some have been dubbing it). Apple are set to release an SDK (Software Development Kit) in November 2014. Our team will be learning how these new technologies work so that we can delight our user base whist at the same time bring our expertise to you!

What have you made for the Apple Watch?

It’s still very early days for the Apple Watch, Apple are due to release the development kit very soon. We have had many enquiries related to the Apple Watch and the Smart Watch – so keep your eyes peeled on the Our Work section.

If you would like to see what mobile apps we’ve made: click here.

Who have you worked with?

We’ve worked with some of the worlds best known brands, for more information, see our parent company webpage, 57Digital.