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Bento Stack aims to make it easier to organize & travel w/ your Apple accessories

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When it comes to Apple products, there are often quite a few accessories that you need to bring when you take your setup mobile. From chargers to headphones to dongles, the accessories can quickly turn an otherwise organized bag into a cluttered mess. That’s where Bento Stack comes in, a new stacking case with compartments for all of your Apple accessories…

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Launched via an Indiegogo campaign today, the Bento Stack is inspired by the classic bento box design. There are a slew of different compartments that can hold your Apple Watch bands, chargers, Apple Pencil, and much more.

As you can see in the image above, there are two deep compartments alongside two flat compartments for the Apple Pencil and Apple Watch bands. The end result when all put together is somewhat bulky, but you can remove a compartment for a more compact design if you wish.

The “Whole Stack” comes in at 3.22-inches tall, while the “One Pack” measures a more modest 1.97-inches in height.

Within each box are adjustable dividers. This means you can create storage spaces for any size accessory, whether it be a MacBook charging block or a USB wall adapter. The Apple Pencil holder can also double as an on-the-go iPhone stand.

Bento Stack isn’t limited to just traveling though. As TechCrunch points out, it can easily replace a messy cable drawer and house Lightning cables, dongles, and extra watch bands. This will help keep your workplace clean, organized, and minimalistic.

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On Indiegogo, you can get the Bento Stack for $25. This comes with 4 dividers and 2 silicone straps for holding Apple Watch bands. That offer is limited, though, and prices will jump to $35 next. You can also get the “Double Pack” with two full Bento Stacks, 4 straps, and 8 dividers for $50.

Bento Stack was designed by Function 101, a new startup that aims to design accessories to help keep your technology and accessories organized. The company expects to start shipping the Bento Stack in December. As always, shipping times can vary widely with Indiegogo campaigns, though.

What do you think of Bento Stack? Let us know down in the comments.


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Analyst: Apple Watch Series 3 could be a ‘game changer’ for Apple’s wearable

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Apple last month debuted the Apple Watch Series 3, bringing support for cellular connectivity to its wearable for the first time. Despite early reviews that highlighted some since-fixed connectivity issues, a new analyst note from GBH Insights says the Apple Watch Series 3 is a hit among consumers thus far…

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The note, written by Daniel Ives and obtained by CNBC, explains that the Apple Watch Series 3 is garnering “significant momentum” in its short life of availability. Ives believes that the Series 3 model could be the “game changer” release for Apple when it comes to wearables, echoing earlier supply chain reports.

“This data point speaks to our belief that the Apple Watch Series 3 could be a ‘game changer’ release for Cupertino to open up this wearables category for the coming years,” Ives wrote.

Ives surveyed Apple Watch Series 3 customers and found that 70 percent of buyers were not upgrading from the Series 1 or Series 2 models. It’s unclear, however, what percentage were upgrading from the original – Series 0 – model.

On the flip side, 30 percent of Series 1 and Series 2 users upgrading is equally as impressive and signals that Apple has struck a chord with the speed improvements and LTE connectivity introduced in Apple Watch Series 3.

As for interest in cellular connectivity specifically, Ives’ research found that 80 percent of respondents would opt for the feature, which comes at an added cost through their existing iPhone contract with their carrier.

Ives notes, however, that Apple Watch still represents an overall small margin of Apple’s revenues, likely around the low to mid single digits.

“While Apple Watch sales still represents low to mid-single digits of overall revenue, this wearables category is an important product for Apple to further penetrate its massive consumer installed base and lay the groundwork for new product lines/technologies (e.g. AR glasses) over the coming years to complement its ‘bread and butter’ iPhone franchise growth,” Ives said.

Have you upgraded to Apple Watch Series 3? If so, what model did you come from and are you paying more for LTE connectivity? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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